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Parking can be a contentious issue in Cremorne, especially when proposals are made to reallocate space away from parking toward other uses, such as wider footpaths, trees, or pocket parks. To help guide the discussion, it’s useful to have data. This page presents the results of counting all the on-street parking bays in Cremorne – a total of 1,082. Feel free to check the number and type of parking bays in your street and let us know if you find an error in our count.

Count of on-street parking bays in Cremorne. Source: Jeremy Lawrence.

The results show that most (438 or 40%) parking bays are free but limited to 2 hours. The next most common are free 4-hour bays and permit only bays, with 20% each. Approximately 10% are metered, located on Swan Street and Church Street.

Private parking

Cremorne also has off-street, private parking bays. It’s difficult to accurately count these.

Private off-street parking adjacent to Council controlled free on-street parking. Image credit: Jeremy Lawrence.

Less parking than residents

Cremorne has just under 3,000 residents, so doesn’t have enough on-street parking bays to offer one to each resident.

Less parking than workers

According to the Yarra Office Demand Study 2018, Cremorne had 10,592 workers (or commuters) in 2016. The number of workers is projected to increase to more than 20,000 by 2030. Clearly, Cremorne does not have enough on-street parking bays to offer one to each worker. The mis-match is going to increase from 10:1 to 20:1.

How should space be allocated?

We need to work out how best to allocate the limited available street space. How can we ensure parking is available for residents, while some bays are available for visitors or shoppers?

One option is to expand “permit only” parking to both sides of each residential street, and to convert free parking to metered parking on each commercial street. This would protect residents, while encouraging turnover in commercial streets.

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  1. Parking is a big issue in Cremorne. Particularly for those of us in heritage homes without off street parking. I’d like to see residential streets have parking preserved for residents only. Probably 1 car per 2-3 bedroom home.
    I’d like to see commercial traffic limited and replaced with green zones and trees.
    It would be if the paid car park in Cubitt and Gwynne st (near the Cherry Tree) could be converted to an open park with trees and parking underground. Expensive yes but it would solve two problems in the area.

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