About Cremorne Community Inc

We have formed an incorporated association because we’d like to collaboratively contribute to the planning processes that are controlled by the City of Yarra and the Victorian Planning Authority. We’d like a seat at the table. We believe that people who live and work in the area have a lot of knowledge, skills and lived experience that can help make Cremorne a better neighbourhood. We wish to collaborate to create a sustainable, vibrant precinct that is respectful of its past while embracing its future.


Cremorne is in a little corner of Richmond (Vic) that planning forgot. It emerged from Wurundjeri country on flat, flood prone land by the Yarra. Part of that corner became incorporated into the Cremorne Pleasure Gardens in 1853, hence the name of the district that was adopted in1999.

This area soon became populated with workers cottages to service nearby industry. By the second half of the twentieth century, Cremorne was an eclectic mix of small businesses and remnant housing alongside such iconic establishments as Bryant and May, Barrett Brothers Maltings and Slade Knitwear.

Because Cremorne is contained by railways, river, freeway and Punt Rd, it has been allowed to quietly simmer in its own juices and emerge with quite a distinct and interesting character. This character is a function of its diverse use and history.  Cremorne is also distinct in its very close proximity to the centre of Melbourne. Demographics have shifted from the traditional working families to younger professionals who appreciate the access to the city and nearby cultural amenities.

Commercial occupants have also shifted from manufacturing to creative and technology companies. There is now a booming interest in Cremorne by these newer industries and there is currently great investment by developers. This is creating significant change in the building stock that will necessarily lead to new influxes of people living and working in Cremorne.    

Such changes can be a threat or an opportunity. The Cremorne Community Inc seeks to retain the positive charm and attributes that make it distinctive and attractive in the first place, while encouraging new investment and interest that will contribute further to a great place to live and work.

The Victorian Planning Authority is currently developing a Place Implementation Plan for Cremorne. This is intended to be a high level planning document that will seek to guide the future direction of Cremorne. This is a critical opportunity for local people who understand and appreciate the nature of Cremorne to influence its direction.

The VPA has produced an ‘Issues and Opportunities’ paper (Nov 2019) which seeks further community input. Part of its Introduction states:

Cremorne is a key destination for local and global high technology companies. The suburb encompasses residential neighbourhoods nestled amongst the rapidly changing commercial areas. With good access to public transport, nearby activity centres such as Swan Street in Richmond and a rich industrial and residential heritage, it is a unique place in metropolitan Melbourne.
We have the opportunity to shape the new buildings, build the case for infrastructure investment and harness a net community benefit from development. The benefits of development can be shared by residents, businesses, workers and institutions.

Cremorne Creating a Fuure Vision – Issues and Opportunities Paper