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What’s Happening?

‘Streets of Cremorne’

Wednesday 19th October, 7 pm to 8:30pm

Ratio Consultants, 8 Gwynne St Cremorne

It’s a community forum that will discuss issues around traffic and movement within the increasingly choked enclave of Cremorne.

It was prompted by a suggestion by Ratio Consultants who proposed a ‘Cremorne Loop’ –


Green Public Spaces

Streets and Movement

Building and Development

The Cremorne Community Inc. seeks:

  1. Process: To support a collaborative and co-creative approach to transport and land use planning in Cremorne.
  2. Vision/ambition: To advocate for a vibrant, entrepreneurial, and accessible neighbourhood with people friendly pedestrian realms and streetscapes for residents and workers alike, encompassing streets, new lanes, parks and open spaces.
  3. Built form/planning: To secure the adoption of planning and built-form controls that balance the positive aspects of continued development with the rich and diverse existing character of Cremorne, while providing certainty for the community.
  4. Green spaces: To advocate for increased green public open space in Cremorne.
  5. Accessibility & travel: To ensure that people can safely access any property in Cremorne, irrespective of whether they choose to walk, cycle, use public transport or drive.
  6. Best practice development: To secure the adoption of best-practice responses to climate change, including for new developments, retrofits and adaptations, as well as for the public realm.
  7. Sense of community: To support the continued sense of community within Cremorne, engaging the community in our future

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