Building in Cremorne

Big Developments

The last few years has seen a booming interest in the development of large commercial building projects of up to around ten storeys. The character of Cremorne has always been largely a mix of small scale commercial and residential properties, so the nature of the neighbourhood and how it is used is evolving dramatically.

This is a selection of the larger developments that are currently in planning or in construction. There are a number of others that are 4 to 6 levels and the trend is to continue to develop ‘Silicon Cremorne’ as a significant ‘creative high tech’ commercial hub. The intent in presenting this selection of developments is not necessarily to generate hostility to the intrusion but to highlight the significance to locals that the neighbourhood is changing.

The Cremorne Place Implementation Plan is a state sponsored means to drive and nurture the change. It’s important then, that locals who currently live and work in Cremorne and appreciate its charms add their voices to the process.

65-81 Dover St

9 level. Office building with café. – In planning

49 to 55 Dover St and 34 to 40 Cubitt St

8 level. Office building with food and drink premises. – In planning

30-32 Cremorne St

9 levels with ground floor food and drink premises

116 Cremorne St

10 levels. Office building with ground level café – In planning

54 – 60 Cubitt St

8 levels.  Office building with café/retail – In planning

25 Balmain St and 128-134 Cubitt St

8 levels.  Office building with café/retail – In planning

57 Balmain St     (Cnr Stephenson St)

7 level. Office building with café –  under construction

1-11 Gordon St

7 level. Office building – Under construction

68-88 Green St

11 level. Office building, with food and drink premises. In planning

594-612 Church St (Cnr Balmain St)

8 levels, office building with retail/café. – recently completed

510 Church St (Cnr Hutchings St)

10 levels, mixed use building with café. – Under construction

4-6 Adolph St and 3-5 Pearson St

8 level. Office building, with food and drink premises. In planning

2-6 Gwynne St

7 level. Office building, under construction

19 Cubitt St

8 Level – In Planning

22 – 26 Gordon St

8 level – In Planning

1 – 3 Newton St

6 level – Under construction

24-26 Gwynne St

8 Level office building with shop – In planning


Mixed commercial and residential with retail – up to 21 storeys

17-21 Harcourt Pde (Cnr Cremorne St)

2 Gough St

1 – 3 Harcourt Parade

587-593 Church St

12 levels. Residential hotel with food and drink premises – In planning

459-471 Church St and 20-26 Brighton St

14 levels. Office building with retail – In construction

609-615 Church St

11 level. Office building with retail – In planning