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  • Send a Message to the Minister

    Send a Message to the Minister

    The Cremorne Community Inc (CCI) is asking you to join a campaign to try to have Design and Development Overlays (DDOs), (Amendment C317 & 318yara) for Cremorne approved.   As you will be acutely aware, Cremorne is experiencing dramatic changes with large commercial developments continually springing up in our streets. While the Council is still putting together a…

  • Letter to Planning Minister

    Letter to Planning Minister

    Dear Minister Kilkenny Cremorne Community Inc (CCI) is an incorporated association formed in the wake of a booming of commercial developments, and as a response, we want to collaborate to create a sustainable, vibrant precinct that is respectful of its past while embracing its future.CCI would like to connect with you to address the planning…

  • Key Priorities 2024

    Key Priorities 2024

    In the lead up to the preparation of the City of Yarra’s budget for 2024/25, Cremorne Community Inc have defined a core set of needs that need to be addressed by thw council in the immediate term:

  • Melba Candidates for Yarra CC

    Melba Candidates for Yarra CC

    Each of the candidates for the Melba ward were asked to respond to six questions relating to issues pertinant to Cremorne. These are the questions and responses: QUESTIONS 1.Do you think Cremorne is in a healthy community and infrastructure state? What is your vision of an ideal Cremorne?2.How do you feel about the traffic and…