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The Cremorne Community Inc (CCI) is asking you to join a campaign to try to have Design and Development Overlays (DDOs), (Amendment C317 & 318yara) for Cremorne approved.  

As you will be acutely aware, Cremorne is experiencing dramatic changes with large commercial developments continually springing up in our streets.

While the Council is still putting together a Design Framework for Cremorne that will include DDOs, there are no firm parameters that developers are obliged to limit themselves to.

Residents impacted have then had to fight and, in some cases, invest large sums of money to try and get the bulk (height and form) reduced.  If there is an interim DDO (C317yara ) in place, VCAT will take it into account. Otherwise VCAT can simply dismiss these planning frameworks altogether.

While some might not agree with everything in the DDOs, we do agree substantially that they represent a good set of guidelines to inform potential developers and residents of what may be built on a particular site.  They also provide heritage, culture, environmental and amenity factors to ensure better buildings in Cremorne. 

To get some action from the Minister, we need as many people as possible to email the Minister to move this process forward

The only way we can correct the imbalance is to unite to raise our concerns.  If you can take 5 minutes to send your own email on this matter, it will make an immense difference.  If you can then please forward it to your friends and family, that will also be amazing.

What we are requesting you do:


Subject: C317 – Design and Development Overlays – Cremorne

Dear Sonya Kilkenny, Minister for Planning

Please approve the 3 Design and Development Overlays (DDOs) for Cremorne (C317 & C318 Amendments) so this process can move forward.

  • 1-2 lines – who you are, that you are a resident/worker/developer/student and that these are important for Cremorne
  • 1-5 lines – your experience with development in Cremorne.  How this experience made you feel.  Any expense that has gone into it.  The frustrations you may have experienced.  
  • 1-2 lines – How the DDO may have helped.
  • 1-2 lines – that the Minister (Sonya Kilkenny) should approve the DDOs and C317 & C318 Amendment so that we can move to a position where developers and residents know what can and cannot be built in this area.

Add your name and address to the bottom and send.

Additional information:

Please change up the format of the email as per your experiences.  It can be as short as you like, but should not be too long.  It can be in bullets. 

The email addresses are for:

  • Sonya Kilkenny – Minister for Planning , Victoria – she has responsibility, accountability, and authority to pass the Amendment.
  • Tim Pallas – Treasurer, Victoria – plays a strong role in what is and is not approved.
  • Gabrielle DeVietri, State Minister for our area.
  • Councillors – All of the Yarra City Councillors who are interested in what Residents want.
  • CCI – me – so we can monitor our campaign progress

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